Injury Prevention Day 2018

The Injury Prevention Day falls on the 3rd Wednesday of August each year and is designed to alert people to potential hazards and how to prevent them.

Each year the Association for Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) focuses on promoting safety through campaigns by helping educate others about how to avoid injury.

This year, APIL is calling on drivers and passengers to protect themselves against whiplash injuries by ensuring that their head rests are adjusted correctly.  APIL are promoting advice from motoring safety experts Thatcham Research about how a car headrest should be positioned effectively. You can find the advice here

You can find details below on how your headrest should be positioned.  Head rests that are properly positioned could help to prevent subsequent neck and back injuries.

Picture of head hestraint fitting

APIL is a non-profit organisation which fights for the rights of injured people and its members are committed to campaigning for reform to improve the law for injured people so that when the worst happens people can exercise their right to seek justice, care and fair compensation.

APIL’s key objective is to prevent needless harm.  Their belief is that if accidents can be foreseen, they can be prevented – so avoiding needless pain and suffering as well as the additional trauma of having to bring a claim for compensation.

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident which has caused you injury, our experienced Personal Injury Solicitors, who are members of APIL, are here to help you and guide you through the compensation process.

You can find out more by following APIL on Twitter @APIL and you can support the cause by tweeting using the hashtag #IPDay18 and #headresttest.

For further information please contact Natasha Layton on 01332 364436 or at

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