Is It Too Early To Mention The “C Word”?

Image of unhappy wedding cake toppers

Historically, there has always been chatter in the media about the rush to separate and divorce following the Christmas and New Year Holiday. The press often calls the first Monday of the first full week of the New Year ‘Divorce Day’.

They quote examples of people being cooped up together for long periods when they are not used to it, of increased debt causing tension following excessive spending over the Christmas period and of New Year resolutions and fresh starts…

This has always been something of an urban myth. January is often busier than some months but the busiest month of the year for divorce lawyers has been September. Government statistics have shown that for some time.

This year, we have a new “C” word to add to the mix, be it Coronavirus or Covid.

When we went into lockdown, divorce lawyers anticipated that there may be an increase in enquiries when restrictions eased and that has proved to be so. When combined with the Christmas factors of spending lengthy periods of time with people we realise we don’t really like very much and increasing financial pressures and the September factors of post Summer holiday blues and the children’s return to school, people are taking the still obviously difficult decision to separate and divorce.

If you find yourself in this situation, there is no substitute for professional legal advice. A divorce lawyer will help you understand the options that are available to you. These can be many and confusing but early advice can avoid difficulties in the future and can make a potentially difficult process less challenging and more straightforward and therefore one that is quicker and less costly.


Adrian Rose
September 2020

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