International Women’s Day 2024 – Michelle Obama

This year the International Women’s Day theme is “Inspire inclusion” and for me one obvious woman who inspires inclusion is Michelle Obama. 

Who is Michelle Obama?

She is one of America’s charismatic First Ladies. Married to Barack Obama and having supported him during his presidency and developing her interest in certain charitable causes she has continued to create and support internationally known movements. 

Michelle Obama was born in Chicago in 1964, her mother was a home maker and her father worked in a water purifying plant, she worked hard and is a graduate from Harvard Law school. After concluding her legal studies she went to work in a law practice in Chicago where she met her future husband Barack Obama. Michelle Obama went to work as an assistant to the Mayor of Chicago and then went to work at the University of Chicago where she organised school’s outreach programmes.  

When she became First Lady she promoted healthy eating and ending childhood obesity. She even planted a vegetable patch on one of the lawns at the Whitehouse. She is a sponsor of 8 charities and 18 causes and has a particular interest in inspiring the next generation and inclusion.

Ten years ago she took a particular interest in the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson school and the Mulberry School for Girls in London and she visited the schools in 2009 and 2015 when she was First Lady. She found time in her busy schedule to visit the schools whenever she could and to launch her campaign ‘Let Girls Learn’. In 2011, she took a group of girls from the Elizabeth Garett Anderson school to Oxford university when she was giving a speech. She has been truly inspirational to these pupils and has changed lives. 

 She is a compelling public speaker and has used her fame and influence to make a difference. She is an inspiring woman who continues to work for inclusion. 


Fiona Moffat

March 2024

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