Clinical Negligence - No Win No Fee

Our ‘No Win, No Fee’ Clinical Negligence lawyers, David Dickie and Alicia Sharman, are happy to discuss your potential claim or review any paperwork, without you being charged at all.

Following a free initial consultation, David and Alicia are prepared to take on medical negligence claims, provided that they consider that there are reasonable prospects of success.

No Win, No Fee Clinicial Negligence Claim

On this basis, they we will not charge you for their work if you lose. They will simply write off the cost of the work done by us on your claim. However, if you do ultimately win your claim and recover damages we will charge you our costs to the extent they are not recovered from your opponent. This includes an appropriate success fee for the risk we are taking of losing and having to write off years of work.

The success fee cannot be more than 100% of our basic charges in total and cannot legally exceed, inclusive of VAT, 25% of the total of that part of your award which relates to pain, suffering and loss of amenity and your financial expenses other than future financial expenses. Please note, the success fee is a percentage of our basic charges and is not a percentage of the compensation you are awarded. You are responsible for the success fee. You cannot recover this from your opponent.

How Our Rates Are Calculated

Our basic charges are calculated on an hourly rate, dependent on the complexity of the matter and the level of Solicitor dealing with it. If necessary, we will instruct a barrister who is also prepared to work on a no win no fee basis.

We can arrange “after the event” insurance for you to cover your opponent’s costs and your own disbursements, just in case you lose the case. Disbursements include medical experts’ charges and court fees. The insurance premium is self- insured, so you do not have to pay it if you lose. Payment is deferred until the end of the case if you win.

No Win, No Fee Clinical Negligence Claim – What If I Win?

If you win you pay our charges including our basic costs, disbursements and the insurance premium, but normally we recover the majority of the total of your legal costs from your opponent on top of your damages, leaving you to pay only the unrecovered legal costs, including those relating to the insurance premium and success fee from your damages.

Our solicitors have dealt with many no win, no fee claims over the last 30 years. However, we understand that contacting a solicitor is a daunting experience for many people. Please rest assured that pursuing a no win, no fee claim will not cost you a penny if your claim is unsuccessful if you take out a suitable after the event insurance policy.

How We Can Help

For further information, please contact our Clinical Negligence Solicitors, David Dickie or Alicia Sharman, on freephone 0800 011 6666 or send an e-mail to


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