Personal Injury – Industrial Diseases Claims

Your employer is obliged, by law, to protect you whilst you are at work and doing your job, this includes safety in your workplace, the way in which you work and preventing industrial diseases or illness. When this duty of care is compromised the results can be serious.

Industrial diseases compensation can be obtained for a range of illnesses including industrial deafness, vibration white finger, occupational dermatitis and asthma claims, pneumoconiosis, emphysema, mesothelioma and many other conditions.

As Law Society Personal Injury Panel Members Timms Solicitors are accredited experts in bringing this type of claim. We understand that this type of claims may be difficult as the illness may have been caused years before but we work sensitively and tirelessly to get a positive result for you.

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Case Study

A client who was negligently exposed to asbestos at work twenty years earlier, and who became breathless as a result, was awarded £6k in industrial diseases compensation now, plus provisional damages for mesothelioma, should that develop in the future.