Personal Injury - Product Liability Claims

Of all the products and services we use on a daily basis, we expect that they have been tested and are safe for their intended use. This is not always the case as faulty and unsafe products do find their way into the marketplace and, unfortunately, accidents resulting from defective goods and services do occur.

If you have purchased goods and services from a company or an individual then they are under a duty to ensure that those goods and services are safe and will not cause you any harm if they are used for the purpose for which they have been designed. Companies and individuals who provide goods and services also have a duty of care to the public and must warn you of any hazards involved in using their goods or services.

A product liability claim arises under the Consumer Protection Act 1987 if the product you have purchased is defective and you have suffered injuries after following the instructions, and you have used the product responsibly for the purpose it was intended. The claim is brought against the manufacturer or importer of the product rather than the shop you bought it from.

Funding is no win, no fee which means that we will not charge you for our work if we lose.

If you have had an accident as a result of using defective goods and services that you have purchased then come to see one of our specialist Personal Injury lawyers to get full and detailed advice and assistance. You may be entitled to Compensation for your pain and suffering and for your financial losses.

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Case Study
Our client’s hand was burnt when her tumble dryer caught fire and she received £4k