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A cancer claim for medical negligence can be brought on the basis that delay in diagnosis and treatment led to a poorer outcome or led to unnecessary pain and suffering. Such cases will involve first obtaining expert evidence on breach of duty and then, if that report is positive, on causation.

Take for example a case where a lady tragically died from breast cancer which had spread throughout her body. She had a lump in her breast but her general practitioner failed to refer her to a breast surgeon early enough. A positive report from a general practitioner was obtained and then from a breast surgeon stating an earlier referral would have avoided metastasis.

Our experienced Clinical Negligence team pride themselves on being sensitive, trustworthy and approachable. They are committed to the AvMA (Action against Medical Accidents) objective of avoiding medical negligence. Headed by David Dickie, you will be assured of a personal service for your claim, with David or Alicia dealing with it from start to finish.

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Case Study

A histo-pathology medical negligence claim litigated by David Dickie against South Staffordshire Health Authority is summarised below:

In 1991 a biopsy was taken from the Claimant’s left temple for histological examination but was negligently reported on. Following the correct diagnosis of malignant melanoma in 1993 the Claimant underwent a number of excisions of the lesion and radiotherapy. An initial unfavourable report was obtained from a histopathologist but a second favourable report was obtained after proceedings had been issued. A causation report was obtained from a dermatologist and a condition and prognosis report from a maxillo-facial surgeon. Following exchange of experts reports a settlement of £10,000 was concluded.

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