National Careers Week- Michael Radze-Constable


It’s ‘National Careers Week’ so today we ask Trainee Solicitor Michael Radze-Constable what it’s like to begin his career at Timms….

A Little Bit About Me…

Hi, I’m Michael Radze-Constable, a Trainee Solicitor at Timms. I attended John Port School in Etwall, Derbyshire, before completing my Law Degree and Legal Practice Course at the University of Derby. I had considered being a politician before I realised that I am too honest! Outside of work I enjoy the outdoors. A fast-paced long-distance countryside run is my strange idea of a good time.

My Role At Timms

As a trainee, I will often assist the solicitor in progressing matters and liaising with clients. I am currently working in Wills and Probate which is a real eye opener. I have the privilege of meeting people from all walks of life. Our clients all have different stories, and we ensure that their story has a well managed ending by drafting a clients Will or making an application for their Grant of Probate.

The Interview Process

I learned a lot from the interview process. Having grown up in “The Apprentice generation”, it’s easy to think that you need to wax lyrical about being better than everyone else. However, I feel that myself and the two other new trainees were appointed for our down to earth, collaborative, and humble yet ambitious nature.

The Most Challenging And Surprising Aspects So Far

There have been many challenging aspects in my training contract so far. I have worked in Childcare, which is a highly emotive area, Conveyancing, which requires lots of coordinating with clients and other solicitors, and Wills & Probate, which involves dealing with many agencies such as The Probate Registry, The Registrar, and HMRC.

What I Have Learnt So Far

Handling human emotion is something we all know how to do. However, some of us may not realise it, and you may only discover your natural understanding if exposed to situations that you would initially consider to be out of your comfort zone. In the modern world we are used to being calculated and structured, but it is equally important to let things flow.

Things I Have Enjoyed So Far

The thing I have enjoyed the most so far would be attending court… without a doubt! Usually in life, whoever shouts the loudest wins. It’s a primal instinct. However, the courtroom is an opportunity for reason and wisdom to prevail. It’s about how well you can use words, but also, the pace and the potency of the words you use.

I am enjoying working at Timms as whilst billable work is the key to survival for any business, you need galvanised individuals to actually perform that work. Timms recognises that the office is where we spend a huge amount of our lives and provides a professional yet warm atmosphere.

Michael Radze-Constable

March 2023

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