Timms Employment Law HUB – Protecting Your Business

It can be such a minefield keeping your business practices and policies up to date with changes to employment law. This has been made even more challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic with multiple changes to regulations requiring policy updates. However, out-dated practices can be costly to a business and could even turn an otherwise profitable year into a disaster.

To help support your business and navigate through the challenges presented by tricky staff issues and regulatory updates, Timms has launched its three-tiered HUB subscription service.

What is the Timms Employment Law HUB?

Designed with businesses in mind, the HUB is an annual subscription service that offers businesses advice and assistance on employment issues for a fixed annual or monthly fee. Our three-tiered HUB allows us to work in partnership with you and your business to provide on-hand expert support.

Timms Employment Law HUB – What Are The Benefits To Businesses?

Managing staff issues can be time consuming and costly if the correct processes are not followed. Access to the HUB allows us to take care of the employment issues whilst you focus on running your business. Employment issues are often tricky and when left unresolved can lead to costly Tribunal claims. Engaging expert assistance at an early stage can help you to solve workplace disputes before they escalate, often avoiding a dispute altogether.

What Does The Employment Law HUB Include?

There are three levels of the ‘HUB’ subscription available tailored to suit your needs. The HUB will provide support to your business with key documents which are instantly available and on-hand expert advice on issues including Furlough, Redundancy, Misconduct, Absence Management, Settlement Agreements, Pregnancy & Maternity and Flexible Working.

Commitment to our HUB ensures that your business is up to date and able to make informed decisions at key times.

How Much Does It Cost?

Prices start from as little as £99 plus VAT per annum. To find out more, book a free consultation with us to discuss your requirements and to see how we can help you. Further information can be found on the Employment Law For Business pages of our website.

About Emma …

Emma joined Timms as an Employment Solicitor in June 2020. She has over 13 years’ experience in all aspects of Employment Law.

Emma particularly enjoys getting to know a business and working with them to resolve disputes and avoiding costly Tribunal litigation.


Emma Spandrzyk
July 2021



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