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In her latest blog, Employment Law Solicitor Emma Spandrzyk discusses the importance of staff employment arrangements and contracts. As a business owner should it be your New Year Resolution?

With the start of the New Year, there is no better time to consider what employment arrangements your business has in place.

Whether you have nothing in place or just need an expert review. It’s time to dust off your paperwork to ensure that your business has the protection it needs to guard against exposure to those costly employment disputes.

Do My Staff Need Employment Contracts?

The simple answer is yes! Staff are entitled to a ‘Statement of their Main Terms and Conditions of Employment’ (also known as an employment contract) as a “Day 1 right”. Failure to issue a contract can leave your business open to a claim for compensation in the event that a member of your team is successful in bringing a claim in the Employment Tribunal.

Do I Need A Staff Handbook?

Although there is no specific legal requirement to have one, we would always recommend having a staff handbook in place.

There are a number of policies and procedures that your business should implement. For example, policies on absence management, disciplinary and grievance procedures. The handbook serves as a tool to consolidate all these arrangements and will help you to keep on top of simmering employment disputes.

How Often Should Contracts And Handbooks Be Reviewed?

At least annually! Employment law is incredibly fast paced and there is often a raft of changes implemented year on year. Reviewing on an annual basis will ensure that contracts and key policies are up to date and reflect any recent changes in the law.

How Can We Help?

It can be a minefield keeping your business practices and policies up to date. As a subscriber to our Employment Law HUB, if you do not have an Employment Contract and Handbook in place, we will provide you with one. Where contracts are already in place, the HUB includes an annual review of these documents as part of the service.

How Much Does It Cost?

For a free risk assessment on your existing policies and procedures and no obligation quote for subscription to the Employment Law HUB, please get in touch. The HUB retainer starts from as little as £99 plus VAT per annum.

For further help and advice on any Employment Law matters please do not hesitate to contact me on 01530 564498 or via email at e.spandrzyk@timms-law.com. Alternatively, visit the Employment Law section of our website here.


Emma Spandrzyk

January 2022

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