Finances For Children

When a family separates, one of the overriding factors is to ensure that the financial needs of any children involved are met. Our experienced team can help with all aspects of finances for children whether the parents are married or not…

Where a couple are married, this is usually dealt with as part of the settlement of the claims they have against each other and considered as one of the terms of that settlement. Commonly these days, levels of child maintenance are dealt with following the guidance of the Child Maintenance Service (formerly Child Support Agency) and our family lawyers can assist in understanding that.

In certain circumstances, the levels of maintenance recommended by the child maintenance service may not be enough and other support might be needed.

Our experienced family law solicitors can assist and advise you in dealing with financial provision for children. For example, this can be to help clients understand:

  • Where “top up” maintenance might be available over and above that recommended by the child maintenance service
  • To deal with school fees and other additional expenses

Where a couple are not married, we can also help them understand other powers of the family court to order:

  • Lump sum payments for the benefit of the child or children (for example, to provide for one-off items such as furniture or belongings)
  • To provide additional maintenance
  • To provide for transfers or settlement of property to provide a home for the child or children

Our family lawyers will also be able to help you understand the best route to take to achieve a fair, timely and cost-effective resolution whether that is by way of supporting you through negotiations, to recommend family mediation or collaborative law or to provide representation for you in court proceedings.

How Can Timms Help?

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