Resolution Together - One Couple One Lawyer

Resolution Together is a new framework of working which involves separating or divorcing couples appointing one lawyer between them.

This framework is suitable for those whose joint aim is to reach an outcome together that meets their needs and if they are parents, the needs of their children.

It provides impartial joint legal advice and assistance that can reduce conflict, cost and delay. It can be used to settle disputes, helping to formalise everything into a conflict free process. The focus throughout is on working together with no ‘winners’ to the detriment of the other party or family.

In summary, the framework can be faster, less expensive and a more positive experience.

How Does Resolution Together Work?

Firstly, it must be right for you, it won’t be suitable for all couples.

Separation and divorce can be an emotional and distressing time so our prime aim is to ensure that you receive the very best service appropriate to you and your specific circumstances. We will support you in achieving an outcome that works for you. One size does not fit all.

The process will begin with an initial screening interview with each party where we will gain a deeper understanding of your needs, wants and priorities. It will allow individuals to get a feel for our Family Law professionals, what the process can offer and what the next steps will be.

This will also give each party the opportunity to decide if they feel Resolution Together is appropriate for them and their individual circumstances. If all parties are happy, they’ll sign an agreement confirming that, and the process will begin.

Subsequent meetings will be tailored to each specific case and depending upon your circumstances, we may involve other professionals who can be relied upon to give independent advice and options. Transparency is key and all information will be shared three ways.

If at any point working jointly becomes inappropriate or unsafe or unlikely to result in an agreement, your lawyer will discuss other options. If an agreement is reached, an order can be prepared and submitted to the court for approval in the usual way.

Resolution Together empowers a couple to reach a workable outcome for their situation and where appropriate their children and financial matters. Traditionally a Judge would decide these for you if you had to attend Court.

Is Resolution Together Right For Us?

Separation and divorce doesn’t have to be acrimonious, if couples still have mutual care and respect for each other and are agreed on how most things should move forward then we’d recommend Resolution Together.

As part of the initial screening interview, our experts will assess suitability. We need to be confident that both parties have a common interest, that there are no conflicts and both agree to using one lawyer.

If there are any doubts, trust issues or unwillingness to be transparent then this framework is not for you and we will happily discuss other routes such as family mediation or collaborative law.

Our Family Law experts remain impartial throughout, they are trained professionals who will guide, support your negotiations and advise you together. They will ensure a safe environment for open discussion and our initial interview will screen for domestic abuse and power imbalances.

Benefits Of Resolution Together

  • Conflict Free
  • Faster
  • Less Expensive
  • Positive Experience
  • Transparent
  • Empowers Couples To Reach An Agreement Without Having To Attend Court
  • Supported By Experts And Professionals Throughout

Meet the Team

Results that speak for themselves

  • Adrian Rose was absolutely fantastic throughout my divorce proceedings. He made a very painful and difficult situation as easy as it could be. He was empathetic, highly professional, and incredibly efficient. I cannot recommend him or Timms highly enough.
  • Thank you so much for your advice, help, support and professionalism. You made me feel at ease numerous times in what were difficult circumstances and needless to say I would highly recommend Adrian Rose to anyone needing a family solicitor.
  • Thank you! I received a brilliant service from you and know if I needed to talk to anyone, it was just a phone call away. Thank you for your patience, understanding and care of my case.