Parental Responsibility

What is Parental Responsibility? What Is It? What Does It Mean?

Our team of highly skilled and experienced lawyers are here to explain, they will ensure that you are given the best support and legal advice available.

What Is Parental Responsibility?

In general terms it is the decision-making power a person has about their children and the things that come from that. Specifically, in Law it is defined as all “rights, duties, power and responsibilities relating to a child and his or her property.”

What Does It Mean?

The person with responsibility has the right to make and take part in important matters in the child’s life. Our family lawyers regularly deal with cases that involve children’s names and decisions about their education, medical treatment and religious upbringing, as well whether the children can travel or move home in the UK or abroad.

Our team can help you understand whether you have parental responsibility for the children. If you do not, they can support you to achieve that, for example by drafting parental responsibility agreements and registering those with the Court or in cases where there isn’t agreement, to represent you in court proceedings to obtain formal court orders.

Parental responsibility is separate from making arrangements about where the children live or how much time they spend with someone, and from dealing with specific issues. Do have a look at our child arrangements page for further information about these.

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